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The sticky bra that saved my wedding

Like most women, I’ve been dreaming about my wedding day since I was a little girl. It probably started when I was 7 and got to be the flower girl in my aunt’s wedding. The dresses, the smell of the flowers, the cake – I loved everything about that day. I even became a professional wedding planner for a living. Fast forward to my actual wedding day a couple decades later, a wardrobe malfunction nearly ruined everything. That is until a sticky bra saved the day. 

I know what you’re thinking…a sticky bra? Allow me to explain. See my #bridetribe and I were in the bridal suite sipping on mimosas and getting glammed up for my big day. The photographer was running a little behind so everyone had to start getting dressed so we’d be ready to go once she arrived. That’s when s**t literally hit the fan. 

My poor mom was trying not to make a big scene, but somehow the bra padding she had sewn into her dress had come loose and she didn’t have a back up strapless bra. My bridesmaids didn’t want to stress me out on my wedding day so everyone went to the other room and quietly called nearby stores for inventory, the hotel concierge for support, and got to work trying to help my mom. 

Unfortunately they simply couldn’t get anything quick enough since the ceremony was starting in 30 minutes and we still needed to travel to the venue. And let me tell ya – this was not a “just skip the bra” situation. That’s when they finally let me in on what was going on. I could see my mom’s eyes start to well up with stress and nerves and guilt for the unfortunate incident. But not to worry. (Hello - I’m an expert after all.) 

I quietly left the room, went to my wedding emergency kit and pulled out a 2-piece sticky bra. Like JLO in The Wedding Planner, I’ve seen almost everything and you can never be too prepared! I handed my mom the Conceal Lift Bra and told her it’s easy.

You just Cup, Lift, and Stick

My mom got it on the first try and couldn’t believe how great the product was (and you should have seen the look of relief on her face). Now we could carry on with a couple of photos and jump into the limo so I could finally marry the man of my dreams!

The rest of the wedding went off without a hitch and luckily the day was not ruined thanks to the Conceal Lift Bra. This product will always have a permanent spot in my emergency kit (and it makes a great gift!) It’s just that good of an invisible bra solution. Here are three reasons I swear by the Conceal Lift Bra

1. It’s easily portable. I legit have a set on hand at every wedding I plan. (And you’d be surprised at how often they’re needed.)

2. It’s reusable like the gift that keeps on giving. I’m never worried about it sliding or slipping.

3. It’s so discreet and gives great cleavage whether paired with a blouse or (MOTB) dress.