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With So Many Sticky Bra Styles, Which One To Buy? 

In a world with endless options at your fingertips, making a decision can be the toughest part of shopping. And if you haven't already made the switch to the convenient, discreet and freeing sticky bra for this summer season, this is a sign that you totally should. 

However, given all amassing variety of styles available, knowing where to start in your sticky bra journey can be a headache. Just for you, we’ve rounded up 5 popular sticky bras styles with a quick analysis of the various features below as a helpful buyer's guide.

Best Overall: Silicone Lifting Bra


Looking to maintain support? Silicone Lifting Bras do that and more. A cross between pasties and boob tape, this innovative alternative is perfect for women looking to keep things extra perky with a transparent, reusable twist. Literally cupping and lifting, the main selling point of this sticky bra is the rounded design so it looks and feels more natural. InvisiLift’s ConcealLift Bra does a great job at bringing the coverage of a pushup to the sticky bra world.

Best for Minimalism: Pasties Nipple Covers


Bra alternatives are nothing new and pasties are a good ol’ faithful. If you’re looking to simply shield nipples for a smoother and more polished look when RSVP-ing ‘no’ to wearing a bra, nipple covers are an easy, reliable option. A favorite among women are Nippies. Because of their shade varieties and non-reflective matte finish, they’re more discreet underneath clothing and give you peace of mind against camera flashes (if you know what I mean). 

Best for Versatility: Boob Tape


Another classic: boob tape. Cut it, wrap it, layer it. Boob tape can do just about anything you need including giving you a good lift. Getting started and figuring out placement can be a bit confusing at first with the endless way to wear so Nood has a pre-cut option already sized for you. A notable downside is the one-time wear. 

Best Coverage: Backless Plunge


Victorian era, anyone? Backless plunge bras are designed to give you the busty look of a corset. Providing a little more coverage than the preceding sticky bras, you’ll get the support of underwire-like cups and the extra security of side panels. Amazon has few available options so we’ve done the legwork for you to find the most rated.

Best Seller: Clasping Cups


Basically a strapless bra but backless, clasping cups sticky bras give you the freedom of individualized placement while keeping the girls in sync for a gathered cleavage look. NuBra opted for a simple user-friendly clasp that stays closed You’ll be thankful because we’ve seen some interestingly complicated variations.