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3 Ways to make the most out of your sticky bras this summer

Thinking of making the switch to sticky bras to make the most of all your summer outfit, but the practicality still perplexing you? 

For example: Can they be worn again? How do you keep them sticky? Are they washable? 

Here are 3 easy things you can do to get the most life from your sticky bras so you can bask in the braless-like freedom: 

1. Start with a Clean Foundation

Probably goes without saying, but freshly cleansed skin is key. Sloth off those dead skin cells with a good exfoliant and wash any dirt because nothing should come between you and your coverage. And as much as we all love super-hydrated glowing skin in the summer, skip the moisturizer (at least beforehand). Creams, lotions and body oils are sure ways to compromise the secure adhesive quality of your sticky bra. Don’t take yourself out of the race before it’s begun!

2. Cleaning is Fundamental

Ripping your bra off and being done with the day is always such a relief. But not so quick! Sticky bras need a little extra care beyond just a toss in the wash. After each use, give your sticky bra a quick and easy wash with water and mild soap. Simply shake off any excess water and air dry with the adhesive facing up. Once dried, cover with protective sheets to prevent risk of dust and debris.

What not to do: No alcohol, bleach or other cleaning solutions. Do not machine wash or soak in water. Do not scratch the surface with fingernails or brushes. And finally, do not use a towel or machine to dry. 

3. Storage is Key

The best way to protect the adhesive on your sticky bras, as much as possible, is to store in the original packaging. Got a trip planned? If packing your sticky bras, take special care, as pressure from other items in your bag could affect its shape.

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